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Senior Services Testimonial: Barbara and Juan

Senior Services Testimonial: Barbara and Juan

Posted: June 1, 2020 | Client Stories

After years of marriage, Barbara found herself in a challenging situation when her husband, Juan, began experiencing the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. With no one to help her as a caretaker, Barbara had difficulties supporting Juan with his condition. While her love for her husband allowed her to remain motivated, she frequently found herself overwhelmed. Additionally, being a caretaker became a significant part of her day, which didn’t leave her with much time to run errands or take a moment for herself.

With stress and anxiety mounting, Barbara was grateful to find our Adult Day Care Resource Center (ADCRC). Through the ADCRC, Barbara has been able to provide Juan with a nurturing, stimulating environment that helps him manage his condition, as well as provide herself with some respite from her caretaker duties. The activities offered by the ADCRC, including arts and crafts, educational presentations from partners such as the L.A. Zoo, and intergenerational activities with children from our Head Start programs, have given Juan a routine which helps keep his symptoms at bay. “I notice a difference when my husband attends the ADCRC,” says Barbara. “He feels welcomed and a part of a community. Plus, the activities with his peers help him feel accomplished.”

With our ADCRC currently closed for our seniors' safety, we look forward to welcoming Juan back when conditions are safer. In the meantime, our senior services team continues to ensure Barbara and Juan are safe and comfortable at home via weekly calls and support for any challenges they may experience.

“Our weekly check-in calls with the HSA team have made a difference. I do not feel alone as a caretaker because I know I have someone I can count on if I need help with anything,” Barbara says. “Thank you so much for your continued encouragement during these difficult times!”

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