Cal OES Family Violence Program

The Cal OES Family Violence program provides intimate partner violence (IPV) prevention classes for high school age youth, single adults, and couples who are at high risk for becoming victims or perpetrators of IPV. This program addresses the need for prevention classes for single adults who may have experienced family violence (including child abuse) in the past and are now considering entering dating relationships. These classes are especially important as a means of breaking the cycle of family violence by educating people about factors that lead to abuse and indicators that a relationship is abusive, as well as alerting youth and adults to resources and support available to them in the community. 

The Cal OES Family Violence program also provides resources to people who have experienced family violence and assists them with crisis/short-term support that helps stabilize them, ensure their health and safety, and link them to long-term forms of assistance.  The program also provides additional resources to assist those survivors who are not CalWORKs eligible who have similar needs to those served through the CalWORKs program. A certificate of participation is provided to all participants at completion.

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