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Early Childhood Education Testimonial: Adriana

Early Childhood Education Testimonial: Adriana

Posted: June 1, 2021 | Client Stories

Like many others in our communities, Adriana’s family was hit hard when the COVID pandemic began. Her husband’s hours were reduced at work, and she was deeply affected emotionally by the hardships she saw in her community.

Additionally, she was concerned about her daughter’s development during this difficult time. She was unable to take her out to play for fear of contracting COVID, and was afraid that she was missing important development milestones.

So when she learned about our “Pasitos” Early Head Start program, she saw it as an opportunity to get critical assistance with her child’s development.

Soon after enrolling, Adriana was amazed at the range of support that she received from the Early Head Start team. This included invaluable emotional support, information on her daughter’s development, and resources including food, diapers, and more.

Additionally, through our program she was referred to other resources in her community that provided clothes, appliances, and even furniture at no cost. “I was amazed at the resources that I was receiving. I kept thinking that I was glad to be in this country because in Mexico this kind of help is not easily available,” says Adriana.

As the months passed, the resources made a huge impact on her family’s life, especially her daughter’s. She saw significant improvements in her motor skills, communication skills, and other important milestones.

Now, Adriana remains enrolled in the program and takes every opportunity she can to talk to others about the Early Head Start program. “I have seen such a change in my daughter,” she says. “This program gives me so many blessings that bring me hope and make things a little easier on me. I hope more people learn about this program and take advantage of it.”

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