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ECE Testimonial: Marta and Yesenia

ECE Testimonial: Marta and Yesenia

Posted: June 30, 2022 | Client Stories

As a mother to growing, energetic daughter, Marta has experienced firsthand the impact of our “Pasitos” Head Start program. Marta first came to HSA after being referred by another organization, and she was looking to give her daughter, Yesenia, the best education possible. Knowing she could only give her so much help personally, Marta was excited to enroll Yesenia in Head Start for additional support.

Since then, Marta has been amazed at the progress Yesenia has shown at home. Her vocabulary has grown, she has learned to express her emotions more effectively, and is more sociable with children. “She used to be very comfortable around adults, since she was used to being around them, but not so sociable with kids her age,” says Marta. “But I’ve seen a change since she entered the program. She has started talking to kids her age, and she seems much more comfortable!”

In addition to the education and socialization Yesenia receives, Marta has also benefitted from the support provided by our program. She especially appreciates the extra time she has to do errands while Yesenia is learning at our preschool. “It gives me peace of mind to know my daughter is in a safe place where she’s learning. I have a little more personal time, and I know while I’m doing paperwork or other tasks, she’s at Pasitos learning and socializing,” she says.

Marta’s favorite part of the program is the personal touch the teachers bring to their lessons, including incorporating fun activities to keep the children engaged. Over the past year, Yesenia has participated in guided activities such as waffle making, creating Thanksgiving handprints, and creating Christmas ornaments. “The staff do so much for the kids,” says Marta. “The teachers not only focus on teaching, but also making sure the kids are happy.”

Marta and Yesenia’s journey in “Pasitos” has just started, and we’re so excited to see the progress Yesenia has made already. We look forward to continue helping her grow and learn in the next year!

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