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Family Services Testimonial: John

Family Services Testimonial: John

Posted: June 1, 2021 | Client Stories

When John received the news that he would have a significant co-pay for his chemotherapy treatments, it was the culmination of an already difficult period for him.

Months earlier, he had been diagnosed with stage four liver cancer, and he had to leave his work as a programmer due to his health issues. Now, he found himself unable to pay for this critical treatment, which is essential for his health not to worsen. When he felt lost and with nowhere to turn for help, John received life-changing help from HSA.

John had previously connected with our CHOEUR program to get insurance after he stopped working due to his health. Now, he relied on our health navigators to ensure he could continue receiving chemotherapy without issues.

Our team advocated for John via three-way line with the Health Care Options department to allow him to continue his treatment. Additionally, they helped him submit the necessary forms for an exemption and ensured it was expedited. Finally, after a complicated process, John was approved to continue his chemotherapies at no cost in the same facility he had been attending.

“I am very grateful to the HSA staff who helped me solve my health insurance issues,” says John. “They went above and beyond to make sure I was able to access my chemotherapies and not miss any session. When I felt that no one cared, they did.”

John continues to be assisted by our CHOEUR team, including by helping him keep his CalFresh benefits active. We look forward to continue doing everything we can to ensure John remains able to get the health care he needs.

“Without HSA, I would have been lost,” says John. “Now, I know if I get a bad letter, the CHOEUR team is there to help. I really appreciate everything they have done and continue to do for me.”

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