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Family Services Testimonial: Julia

Family Services Testimonial: Julia

Posted: July 1, 2020 | Client Stories

When Julia arrived in the United States in early 2019 to begin a new life, she found herself struggling to set roots in an unfamiliar country. As a single mother of five children, three of whom were living with her in the U.S., Julia was having difficulty creating a nurturing environment for her family as she navigated her new reality. With time passing quickly and her children at risk of experiencing significant challenges in their development, Julia found our Select Home Visitation Program just in time.  

Our culturally-competent team, understanding the difficulties faced by recent immigrants, found compassionate ways to support Julias’ growth as a parent and caretaker. In addition to parenting classes where she learned to lead with patience and love for her children, Julia also received classes in infant massage from one our certified team members, which promoted a stronger bond with her infant. “The infant massage classes gave me a wonderful opportunity to feel closer to my child,” Julia says. “I feel they made me emotionally connect with my family more.”

In addition to parenting classes, Julia received case management support for emergency housing, mental health, baby formula, and other linkage resources from her case manager. These resources included items such as books, a toddler safety seat, and a portable crib.

After a full year of enrollment in the Select Home Visitation Program, Julia grew tremendously as a parent and was able to find stability for herself and her family. She found a home and good work in a local community, and our team connected her to family support services closer to her when she was able to move.

“The HSA Select Home Visitation Program helped me so much with positive changes and your continuing support,” she says. “My family is so grateful. Thank you for caring!”

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