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Family Services Testimonial: Katie

Family Services Testimonial: Katie

Posted: June 30, 2022 | Client Stories

Katie first began receiving services at HSA via a referral from a previous parent coach. 

At the time, Katie was beginning her journey as a new parent to her baby, Joseph, and was feeling overwhelmed. As both a new parent and single parent, she was struggling to find the support she needed. Without consistent help from her family, Katie was in danger of being overwhelmed by the challenges of motherhood.

Fortunately, soon after she joined our DPSS CalWORKs Home Visiting Program, Katie found a source of constant, trusted support in our parent coach Natalie. 

From emotional support during her parenting journey to practical support in the form of supplies, Katie found she could depend on HSA anytime she faced difficulties caring for Joseph. Our parent coach even helped Katie apply for Section 8 housing, child support, and parenting classes in her community. This support not only helps make things easier for Katie, but also helps ensure Joseph has the best environment possible to grow.

“I’m so appreciative and so grateful for this program,” says Katie. “My parent coach is very sweet and patient. It’s great knowing I can talk to her during difficult moments.” 

As for a favorite moment from the program, Katie says she especially appreciated a donation of Thanksgiving groceries that helped her celebrate with Joseph.

“This is such a great program, especially if you can’t receive support from your family,” she says. “They will guide you on the right path when you’re struggling and will support you during difficult emotional moments.”

We look forward to helping Katie and Joseph through the next year!

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