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Senior Services Testimonial: Roberto

Senior Services Testimonial: Roberto

Posted: June 1, 2021 | Client Stories

When the COVID pandemic began, Roberto found himself in a difficult and uncertain situation at home.

As a senior, he knew he was particularly vulnerable to COVID, so he followed all safety procedures to remain safe. In addition to wearing a face mask and keeping his distance from others, he limited his outings to the community and only went out when needed. Mostly, he stayed in the room he rents in a 2-story home in order to minimize exposure to others.

While this situation kept him safe, as the summer heat began to come in, he found himself uncomfortable in his home. His room got very warm, even with the ceiling fan on, and there was poor circulation.

When Roberto was referred to our Multipurpose Senior Services Program by a home health social worker, our care managers saw his need and began working to improve his situation. They provided Roberto a tower fan to help him manage the temperature in his room. They also provided an air purifier to ensure he could breathe comfortably. These thoughtful additions improved Roberto’s quality of life immensely and made it easier for him to remain safely in his room.

Additionally, Roberto received more items and assistance, including daily meals to help him avoid the danger of being exposed to COVID at the supermarket or in a restaurant.

Our care managers now check in on Roberto every month to ensure his needs are met and he is safe and comfortable at home. “Being able to speak with my care manager on a monthly basis has been great,” says Roberto. “I enjoy speaking with her and always look forward to her calls and visits”.

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